The idea for the Uccello Kettle came about in early 2011 after founder and innovator Andy De Petra was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a rare form of the condition.

What began as an idea to invent a kettle to overcome the limited options available for people with arthritis soon became a much larger project that has been recognised by Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia (ATSA) and Drive DeVilbiss UK.


Italian-born Andy De Petra came to Australia at a young age, bringing with him an inherent knowledge of quality craftsmanship and design, and a love for coffee. As a young man, Andy was driven by inventing and innovating. As he entered his working life he lent his passions to business ideas and products, including designing a vertical blind cleaner that he used in his own cleaning business.


Diagnosed with arthritis in 2011 it became a challenge for Andy to complete everyday tasks. Frustrated with the difficulty lifting a kettle full of water to make his morning coffee he turned his thoughts to others in similar situations and questioned how they managed their physical disablements. On finding that there were no options, he focused his efforts on designing a kettle that would ease the struggle and enable people to maintain their independence.

Reflecting its resemblance to a small bird along with the fluid motion when pouring, the Kettle was named ‘uccello’, Italian for bird.


With the help of his son-in-law, Andy began to promote the final product. The functionality of the Kettle combined with it’s sleek and modern design saw it gain interest, but there were a number of obstacles to overcome first.

“We wanted to make sure the manufacturer would produce a high-quality kettle.”

Finding the right manufacturer and distributors for the Kettle proved key to the move into the UK market and in 2016 Uccello joined with Drive DeVilbiss (formerly Drive Medical). The company has continued to gain momentum, with other nations keen to discover the Uccello Kettle for themselves.

Discover more about Uccello Designs and the people behind the unique Kettle that is helping progress assistive living technology across the globe in our company overview.

Andy De Petra